Reuben Walton is an artist and songwriter originally from Cape Cod, MA and currently based in Boston. His work spans multiple genres with a pop-centric focus. 

A graduate of UMass Lowell and Sturgis Charter Public School, Walton's involvement in music has been a longterm passion with a steady shift towards original material beginning in high school. From his beginnings with choral ensembles, avant garde lo-fi dadaist compositions and earnest cover songs, to his free-flowing explorations of hip hop, atmospheric R&B and plaintive pop melodies, Walton brings a unique perspective that is both vulnerable and playful, his vocals and ear for melody and rhythm forming much of the common element unifying his body of work. His modest career highlights have included performances at UMass Lowell's annual Mothers of Rock concert and various venues in Southeastern Massachusetts and the Greater Boston area. 

Currently he is in the process of assembling a short EP with producer Avi Avliav of Avli Music Productions in Woodland Hills, CA, in addition to working on a variety of side projects and collaborations. Join his mailing list now to stay informed on all his latest musical developments, check out his music, and contact him under the Contact heading above for booking, press inquiries and more information.